Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Marvelous Monday! : Gak

It's ooey. It's gooey. It's Gak!

We had a little bit of a sticky situation here yesterday at the Franklin County Library as kids learned how to create their own homemade Gak. For all you older folks, you may know it as Silly Putty. It's a fun experiment to try out and very easy to do.

All it takes is Borax (which can be found at Brookshires), Elmer's glue, water, and food coloring.  You can check out the full instructions on our Marvelous Monday's board on Pinterest.

We had over 15 kids here this week for Marvelous Monday.  Come by next week at 4:15 to see what we're up to.  We do science experiments, art projects, and much more.  It's always a surprise and a lot of fun!
My thanks this week to Bethany.  I was sick and had to go home early, so Bethany took up the slack and did a great job with Marvelous Monday!  I really appreciate her hard work.
The Gak experiment is from Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler.

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