Friday, October 4, 2013

Julie's Journal: On New Experiences

A while back I wrote a post on my trip to the Dallas World Aquarium and a kind patron told me that I needed to write more posts about the things I'm doing in my everyday life.  While I appreciated his comment, there is a slight problem with that.....I hardly ever do anything interesting!!  I have a very quiet routine... coming to work and going home and coming back to work.  My weekends are spent at home or hanging out with my family.  While I love my life, there really isn't much there to write about that anyone would want to read.

However, yesterday I had an opportunity to do something I had never done before.  One of our patrons has a new toy.  He has purchased a Can-am Spyder and whenever he has come in the library lately he's been telling us about it. 

Well, yesterday he offered me a ride, and I think I shocked everyone in the library when I said I'd go!  I'd never been on any type of motorcycle before and I believe it's actually probably been about 15 years since I was even in a convertible.  (I told you I wasn't interesting!)  My knowledge of motorcycles is extremely limited, but from what I understand the Can-am is considered a touring motorcycle. Whatever its classifications though, it was quite a thrill for me.  A short ride through town left me smiling the rest of the day.          

What new things have you done recently?  What new thing do you want to do?  Let me know in the comments below.  I'm very interested!  I may need to make a point of doing something new more often!

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  1. Well Julie, seems our lives are identical. I hardly EVER do anything out of the ordinary. Glad you got to experience something new! The newest thing I have done lately is I went to the movies to see "Gravity". I very seldom ever go to the movies so this was a little excitement put into my life. I do have a small bucket list and hopefully I will get to complete that list. Thanks for sharing your Can-Am ride through our beautiful little town. Betty Crane