Monday, June 6, 2016

Julie's Journal : Tablet/Phone Games

Today, I thought I was share some of my favorite games for tablets and phones.  I have an ipad and iphone, but most of these games will work on Android based devices as well.

Clash of Clans is a war game.  The player builds a fortress complete with troops and defenses.  They then pit their troops against other players by both attacking other fortresses and defending their own.  The player can also join a clan and join forces with other players to wage war on other clans.  It's tempting to spend money to speed the development of your fortress, but not necessary for the enjoyment of the game.

The Smurf's Village is a building based game.  The Smurf's have been run out of their village by Gargamel and have to build a new one.  The player farms and builds improvements and homes for the smurf's.  The smurf's go on quests and eventually expand to an island, a mountain, and outer space,  Another building type game I enjoy is SimCity.

The Secret Society is an hidden object game.  There are several worlds to explore, all with different items to find.  The player also is able to unlock intriguing puzzles.  It has some challenging levels, and I tried to play it on my phone, but it was impossible to see.  It definitely needs a bigger screen.  Another hidden object game to try is Criminal Case.  Be aware that there is some language in Criminal Case, though.  

Bonza, Red Herring, and 7 Little Words are all good word games.  I like Bonza.  You are given a clue and several word fragments and have to piece them together into a crossword puzzle.  

I asked Charly, our new summer helper, what some of her favorite games were.  She gave me list of three., 100 Balls, and Piano Tiles.  She told me she takes Piano Tiles very seriously! Chance likes Crossy Road, a Frogger type game.  (There's a Disney version, too.)  Lisa likes Dots, a game to see how many dots of one color the player can connect within a time limit.  

Tablet games can be a fun distraction, especially during down time, like waiting at the doctor's office. They can get addictive though, so be careful!

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