Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Julie's Journal : What's With the Chirping in the Library?

If you've visited the library on certain days in the last couple of weeks, you may have heard unusual loud chirping.

Did you know that you can order baby ducks, chicken, and other fowl, and have them delivered by mail?  Last week, I received an order of ducks and a few chickens from Murray McMurray Hatcheries in Iowa.

Today I have a larger order of baby chicks.

This chick has unusual markings.

I ordered several Araucana chicks with this order.  These are otherwise known as Easter egg chickens because they will lay eggs with shells that are blue and green.  I'm excited about adding them to my flock.  

Today, the chicks will be residing behind the circulation desk in a box on a heating pad until my husband, Jason, is able to come pick them up when he gets off work at about 3:45.  The constant chirping certainly changes the ambiance of the library!

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