Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chance's Corner: McLintock! Review

A wise Indian once asked, "Where's the whiskey?" He sought the answer all across the frontier, practically risking his neck. He found many parties, but alas, no whiskey. His spirit now wanders, restlessly, and it has been said that you can still hear him asking for a nip when the wind blows. Tragic.

McLintock!, pronounced with either a -tick or -tock at the end, depending on who you ask, is a western-inspired retelling of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. The shrew here is the lovely Maureen O'Hara who plays Katherine "Katie" McLintock. Against her better judgement, Katie returns home to her cattle baron husband, G.W. McLintock (John Wayne), only to try to scoop up her daughter (Stefanie Powers) and take her away from the "uncivilized" life and men (particularly Patrick Wayne) on the frontier. Unfortunately, things don't go so smoothly for Mrs. Uppity, because the frontier life is too much fun to give up.

McLintock! doesn't take its plot too seriously. It knows that when the story starts to slack off it's time to throw in some slapstick, and there's plenty of slapstick to enjoy. The brawl in the mud pit is pretty iconic, and so is the ending when the typical gun duel in the middle of the street is replaced with a much-needed spanking. The spanking may irk those who like to throw buzzwords around, but eh... it was fun to see Maureen running around in her knickers. 

McLintock! is available at the Franklin County Library!

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