Thursday, September 5, 2013

Computer Classes are Coming!

Starting Tuesday, September 17th the Franklin County Library will begin a six week series of computer classes.  The classes will be at 5:30 and will last about 2 hours each.  The library has seven computers available, but you are welcome to bring your laptop.  You do not have to take all the classes, but can sign up for whichever ones are interesting to you.  Since space is limited, please call or e-mail the library to reserve a spot.  903-537-4916 or

September 17th - Learning to use a mouse
You will learn about the buttons on the mouse, scrolling, and clicking.  We will play several games that will allow you to practice all the different functions of a mouse.
September 24th - Introduction to computers
You will learn what a computer is used for, the parts of the computer, how to turn on a computer, the function of the desktop icons, start menu, and folders, and how to safely turn off a computer.
October 1st - Introduction to the internet
You will learn what the internet is used for, what a browser is, what the different social media sites are, how to perform a search, how to install and use antivirus software, and how to stay safe online.
October 8th - Introduction to e-mail
You will learn how to set up a new e-mail account, how to create a good password, how to read a new message, how to send a message, how to attach documents or pictures to an e-mail, how to delete messages, and how to sign out of your e-mail account. 
October 15th - Introduction to Microsoft Word
You will learn how to create a new document, how to use the tabs and ribbons to find the features you need, how to use fonts, copy and paste, and spell check.
October 22nd - Introduction to Microsoft Excel
You will learn what Excel is used for, how to create a new document and how to set it up to best view your data, how to sort data, use functions to total columns or rows, and use tabs and ribbons to find the features you need. 

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