Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marvelous Mondays! : Circuits and Fireproof Balloons

Marvelous Mondays! are back in session and going strong.  Our first two experiments this year were a lot of fun.

Week 1 was circuits.  We had two experiments.  One was finding out if a lime could act as a battery and power a clock.  It can!! 
The second was creating a complete circuit with an energy stick.  The stick would only turn on if its two ends were connected in a circuit.  We discovered that one person could complete the circuit, or we could hold hands in a circle and include several people in the circuit.

These experiments were both fun because I was able to keep them going in the library all week.  Everyone who came in was fascinated by both the lime clock and the energy stick.
Week 2 was Fireproof balloons.  Yes, we were playing with fire in the library!!  Seems a little scary doesn't it?  The object of our experiment was to pop balloons using a small candle.  We blew up several balloons and put water in the bottom of a few of them.  I asked the kids to hypothesize which balloons would pop and which ones wouldn't. 
We discovered that all the balloons would pop eventually, but the ones with water in the bottom lasted a whole lot longer than the ones without!

Cameron and Chloe were our winners!!  Their balloons didn't pop!

Come in next week at about 4:15 to see what new experiment we'll be doing!!

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