Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KiteFest 2013

Saturday was our 2nd Annual KiteFest.  We want to thank everybody who came out to see the kites, fly kites with their families, play games, eat, and shop.  We had a blast. 
On display were several large kites from Whatakite and the Dallas Kite Club brought several members who flew their kites all day.  Kids and adults alike were able to fly kites all day long and it was fun to watch new kite flyers learn all about flying.

One of the most popular attractions was Darryl Miller and his balloon animals.  He had a very long line most of the day.  It was so windy that he had to use his van as a windbreak so that he could control his balloons.

A couple of attendees were nice enough to send us their videos so I am posting the links to them.  I tried to embed them in the blog, but I had trouble.  I think I need a blog tutor!

 Let us know in the comments below what your favorite parts of KiteFest were.

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