Thursday, August 29, 2013

Julie's Journal : Dallas World Aquarium

If you are looking for something to do for the long Labor Day weekend, I have an idea for you.  Recently my husband and I spent a day at the Dallas World Aquarium.  We had a blast!  The experience starts before you even make it to the ticket counter.  The first thing we saw was this odd stork.

His beak was enormous! 

When you finally go inside you must climb a staircase or ride an elevator to the top floor. Then you begin a slow and easy walk down to the ground floor.  The trail lets you slowly spiral around the exhibits and makes sure that you don't miss anything.  We took our time because we found that the longer we looked at an exhibit the more we saw.  We learned quickly to look up high and down low; to look behind things and under them.  I nearly missed a frog that was at the very front of an exhibit because he was half buried in leaves and mud.

One of the dominating features of the Aquarium is a huge waterfall which is the centerpiece of an exhibit that contained numerous varieties of birds, monkeys, fish, and reptiles. 

We saw huge crocodiles, tiny monkeys with yellow feet, tiny monkeys with mustaches, sloths just hanging in a tree where we could get right up next to them, gigantic sawfish, tiny seahorses no bigger than my little finger, along with sharks, an octopus, jellyfish, king crab, penguins, and numerous varieties of tropical fish.  We even got to feed a bird a blueberry. 

We ate lunch in one of the three cafes on site and spent some time shopping in the gift shop.  All together, we spent about 5 hours in the aquarium.  It is definitely worth the price of admission.

Visit for more information and to plan your own trip.

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