Friday, July 19, 2013

What does Franklin County Library mean to you? - responses (group 1)

"The Franklin County Library is one of the first places we visited when we moved to Mt. Vernon last year.  I love libraries and could spend all day browsing the shelves for great books to read.  I usually end up finding more books to take home than I can even read in two weeks.  Our children love to visit the library, too.  We try to stop in at least once a week.  They have something for the whole family, and the staff are always friendly and welcoming." - Barbara Cox

"To me the library means a sense of community and outreach.  The people who work here bring an attitude of good cheer and are ever helpful, friendly, and supportive.  Few people realize that a library is an efficient way to connect a town and help it grow." - Adriana Lopez

"For me the library means meeting people and playing on the internet." - Kevin Yepez, age 12

"While traveling I enjoy listening to books on CD's.  This library has given me many hours of listening pleasure.  The staff is courteous and friendly and always helpful.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful resource for this community.  It serves so many needs for citizens of all ages." - Susan Bass

"A day out of the house with the kids. :) Social time for my 3 year old so she can talk and meet other children her age." - Djura Cline

"It is a place my daughter Anabella and I can go to find new books and meet up with our cousin.  Anabella loves to look at all the new books, and is excited each time we check out new ones." - Amber and Anabella Talsma

"I have an 8 year old granddaughter that has learned to read.  The library has been a God send, allowing her to improve her reading.  She loves all kind of books.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart." - Ken Pepper

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